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Unitoptek IP camera RTSP URL

Recently I’ve bought cheap IP camera from AliExpress. I don’t want to write about camera’s quality (which is actually quite good for the price), you can read about it from hundreds of feedbacks on above link.

This camera has no documentation, and to access it, you have to use Internet Explorer and install ActiveX control. Yeah, I know.

If you’re alike me, you probably want RTSP link so you can connect it to ZoneMinder or some other video surveillance software system. If you wonder if RTSP link is displayed in camera’s software, it’s not.

I’ve searched and tried many, maany URLs from Internet, and this is working RTSP url for this camera:


If you haven’t setup password for admin user (you really should), just leave password empty, like this:


This link will also work for other clones of this camera: Anten TEK, Dongjia etc.

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